Featured On Japan Camera Hunter Pins

Featured on Japan Camera Hunter Pin. Limited Edition of 500 For those of you in the know, I have been featuring peoples bags, their projects, their books and their film collections on the site for a long time. One of the people I featured is the talented Anastasia Petukhova, who is also the person behind […]

Jessie Reviews: Kentique Straps

3 min read
Jessie Reviews: Kentique Straps

Jessie Reviews: Kentique Straps In a new series, Jesse Freeman will be reviewing some of the new products that I have received recently. Kicking off with a strap review, Jesse runs us through his thoughts on Kentique Design straps from the USA. Kentique design camera straps are designed and crafted in the USA. The models […]

In your bag No: 1460 – Marco Túlio Fuse

In your bag No: 1460, Marco Túlio Fuse Todays bag is a real smorgasbord of gear. Old and new cameras, some fantastic books and a laptop that I have not seen for some time. Check it out. Hi, my name is Marco Túlio Fuse. I’m a 24 years old director of photography, I live in Minas […]

Get featured: Adam Mays

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Get featured: Adam Mays

Get Featured: Adam Mays Adam sent me his project ages ago, and since there is a massive queue it has taken me a while to get it up, but it was definitely worth the wait. Adam shares with us his project covering the trip he took to Iceland. Now I want to go there even […]

Developing my first roll of colour film

Developing my first roll of colour film Matthew Martin shares with us his experience developing colour film at home and how it changed the way he looks at photography. Check it out. Hi I’m Matt. I’m a documentary photographer and blogger based in Chester, UK. I recently made the decision to move all of my […]

In your bag No: 1459 – Pierre Charbonneau

In your bag No: 1459, Pierre Charbonneau Pierra was on the site a number of years ago. And now he is back, with an upgraded setup. Check out this beautiful and clean setup. My former bag has been featured here few years ago. It has changed a bit since.  The new one is a Domke. […]

Film News: The Hillvale Cube

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Film News: The Hillvale Cube

Film News: The Hillvale Cube How cool is this? When I first saw it I couldn’t tell what it was until I saw the telltale signs of film canisters. Hillvale Photo in Melbourne has been very busy indeed. So busy that they crushed up 50,000 empty canisters and turned it into a work of art. […]