JapanCameraHunter Film Cases: New Colours!

Japan Camera Hunter Film Case news
Ooooh, new colours. Come and see what and why.

The JapanCameraHunter film cases have been really popular and it is cool to see them all over the world, especially when people have customised them and made them into their own personal little cases. But recently I have been thinking, they could do with a little something….something brighter and energetic. And that was about the time I met Vishal from CameraFilmPhoto.

Vishal had the idea that he wanted to make film cases in CFP blue, to celebrate the opening of CFP. I had wanted to make my own colour cases for a while.
So we decided to make two colour cases, one for each site. The red for JCH, as red seems to be a bit of an unofficial colour for JCH. And blue to celebrate the start of business for CameraFilmPhoto, as blue is their official colour scheme.

You can get the red cases exclusively here on JCH. But you have to go over to CameraFilmPhoto to get the blue cases, as they are exclusive to CFP. You can get them in their shop http://www.camerafilmphoto.com/product-category/accessories/film-case/

You can get your Red JCH cases by clicking below. And remember, 10 cases gets you a free case and combining orders makes for cheaper shipping.

order 135 cases here

Order 135 Bikkuri cases here

order 120 cases here

order 120 Bikkuri cases here

Supporting these film cases helps support the site so that I can bring you more cool content and more cool gear. It also helps me to develop new cases too. I am hoping to have a new design case ready for you guys by the summer. Something all together more portable.

Many thanks

Ps. Tell us what colours you want to see next, you never know, it could happen.

17 thoughts on “JapanCameraHunter Film Cases: New Colours!”

    1. I’ll be visiting Tokyo in May, and would also love to be able to buy a few of the 35mm film cases locally. Any solution for us, Bellamy?

      1. I have been trying to find a supplier in Tokyo, but it seems none of them want to deal with the cases. Mainly because they either don’t want to deal with foreigners, or because they try to overcharge for the cases. At the moment the only option is if I am actually in town at the time.

  1. I would like to see a 5 roll case for 35mm film. Just like your current 10 roll case, but only 1 row of 5. :-). I know, I know… I sound like a broken record player.

  2. I like both theme colors and want to support the web. IMO, I like to carry a smaller case for 135 in my Billingham. As for one day street photography, I might need 3-4 rolls max. I will use the 10 roll case for a short trip or wedding job.

    1. I’m going to second this, either a 4 (2×2), 5 (5×1), or 6 (2×3) size cases for the 135 size. 10 is good for a weekend or a dedicated shooting day, but too big for those days when you just take your camera with you. A smaller one would be a great addition.
      Keep up the good work, loving it.

        1. Awesome! Glad to hear it! I currently carry the 10 roll case for 135 format and its great…but would love something more like the 5 roll 120 format case as I rarely need that much film with me. It’s awesome how successful these cases have been!

      1. I agree with Michael: 4 (2×2), 5 (5×1) or 6 (2×3) size for the 135 case would be amazing. Thanks for your work Bellamy!

        1. I’m also thinking a pocketable 3×1 case for 35mm would be great! There are of course lots of options possible! Thanks again.

  3. I like the color versions of my already used black boxes. But what really caught my eye is this incredibly georgeous looking Leica in front of these cases. Can’ t stop thinking of it…. :-)

  4. LOVE the new colors, esp the blue. Unfortunately, the shipping from Germany to USA (VA) is almost $30. I hope more colors come in the future! Maybe aluminum or glow in the dark?!

  5. You should definitely do 2 color ones (or striped):
    Black and white
    Green and white
    Red and yellow

    to celebrate Ilford, Fujifilm and Kodak ;D

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