JapanCameraHunter News – Important updates

Posted on by Bellamy

JapanCameraHunter News, important updates
JCH is moving onwards and upwards. There are changes going on and you will start to see them all very soon. Read on…

I love this site (and my job) and I love bringing you all new bag posts, interviews, photography and cameras. And it seems that you all love it too. The site has become so popular now that it has been crashing and running slowly. So I have been advised by my web-savvy tech guru that I need to get my own server so that we can make the site stronger, faster and filled with more content.

I have decided to get things started and get JCH up to speed. You are going to see some cool changes to the site to make it more accessible and more user friendly. I have been listening to what people have been asking for and we are going to try and incorporate as much of it as possible into the site. But in order for us to do that the server is going to have to be upgraded.
*So it looks like the site was down last night. This was not really meant to happen. Part of the server backup. The site is scheduled to change servers this weekend, on Saturday afternoon Japan time, or Friday night US time. Please be patient, it will be back and faster then ever. Thanks*
It is going to take around 12 hours to complete, so there is going to be some periods during this time that the site will not be available. Please bear with us and don’t go into cold turkey. The site will come back stronger than before.

Info will also be available on twitter and facebook.
Thanks for all of your support. I hope you will like what we have in store for JCH in 2014.


14 Responses to JapanCameraHunter News – Important updates

Christian January 9, 2014 at 9:56 pm

I’m looking forward to the new web site Bellamy, always a pleasure to visit (and lust after all those gorgeous cameras you have for sale!) Hopefully the ‘In Your Bag’ section will remain? One of my favourite features…

sepiareverb January 9, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Will the existing content be archived or folded into the new site? Looking forward to seeing more, but would hate to lose the old!

Alex Corona January 16, 2014 at 8:26 am

Awesome! I always had issues with the images loading really slow, no other site does that to me. Also when I was on my phone the images would not load at all, again not any other site did that to me.

Hopefully it’ll be all good now! thanks for the great site!

Maciej January 16, 2014 at 9:07 am

Upgrading the server is always good.
Just be careful with the changes and if there will be any changes to the layout etc. promise me that You will be sensitive to our opinion :)
Thank You.
And someday I’ll orser that black Canonet :)
Take Care,


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