Get Featured: Matt Gomes

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Get Featured: Matt Gomes

Get Featured: Matt Gomes Matt Gomes is not only is not only a passionate photographer, but a good friend too. He came to Japan and blew me away with his passion and energy for photography and life. I have been pushing him to share his work and finally he has agreed. Come and check out […]

In your bag No: 1179 – Pierre Delage

In your bag No: 1179, Pierre Delage Pierre is a recent convert to JCH and shares with us a very respectable setup. Though there is no bag in sight I am letting this one slip by as it clearly has purpose and direction. Check it out. I discovered you website very recently and I love […]

In your bag No: 1178 – Lars-Göran Hedström

In your bag No: 1178, Lars-Göran Hedström Lars-Göran has been on the site a few times, and now he is back with another film stuffed bag for you all to drool over. Check out this beauty. I have been using a Crumpler New Dehli 510 for many years now. The Crumpler New Dehli is a […]

In your bag No: 1177 – Daniel Blanken

In your bag No: 1177, Daniel Blanken Well, after the debacle that was yesterdays bag, I am sharing with you something all together simpler and hopefully safer. Daniel shares with us his lovely bag and the awesome Graflex that is contained within. Check it out. my name’s Daniel Blanken and I’m sending a „Hello“ (or […]

An apology to Cub & Co and to you all

An apology to Cub & Co and to you all Yesterday I featured a bag post, which has since been removed. The reason this has been removed is because it contained fake camera straps that were blatant ripoffs of the original Cub & Co. straps. And for that I would like to offer my sincere apologies to […]

In your bag No: 1175 – Daniel Sawyer Schaefer

In your bag No: 1175, Daniel Sawyer Schaefer Daniel has shared with us a few articles before and a couple of bag shots (check here for more). And now he is back with another one for you all to drool over. It’s always satisfying when a plan comes together. For a long time now, my […]

C’est la vie in B&W – Vladimir Panasenko

C’est la vie in B&W – Vladimir Panasenko If you are in San Francisco, or planning to be there soon then there is an exhibition that you should definitely go and see, not just for the brilliant street photography, but also because of the stunning and unique cameras that were used to make it. Vladimir […]

In your bag No: 1174 – Anon c/o Aislinn Chuahiock

In your bag No: 1174, Anon c/o Aislinn Chuahiock Aislinn has been on the site before with some wonderful and fascinating bags, and now she is back with something really special. This is a more of a case than a bag, but it is the way it is put together and the way it was […]

Get Featured: Hun Pongsathorn Leelaprachakul

Get Featured: Hun Pongsathorn Leelaprachakul Hun has a long name, but doesn’t say much. So we shall have to let his pictures do the talking. This series, entitled “Lost” is a very interesting and sometimes intimate look at Laos. Check it out. My name is Hun Pongsathorn Leelaprachakul. I’m an amateur street photographer in Thailand and […]

In your bag No: 1173 – Simon Proctor

In your bag No: 1173, Simon Proctor Simon shares with us his….Spy kit. No bag in sight as all of this lot is to be concealed about his person when he is stalking the street of Paris, hunting his quarry. Check out this rather special In Your Bag… hi really love your series about peoples […]