In your bag No: 1200 – Ulf Greger

In your bag No: 1200, Ulf Greger Ulf’s bag has a nice friendly, homely kind of feel to it. I don’t know if it is the waxwear bag or the mishmash of gear inside, but this one is very inviting. Check it out. Hi my name is Ulf Greger and I live in Norway. Has […]

In your bag No: 1199 – Matt Erasmus

In your bag No: 1199, Matt Erasmus Matt is a third time offender. But fortunately for him JCH is an absurdly broken system, so he is is welcomed back with open arms. Come and Check out how Matt’s bags have changed. I’d like to submit my third (and possibly final) bag for you and the […]

Film News: We Wood Film!

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Film News: We Wood Film!

Film News: We Wood Film! We Wood Film! That is the slogan, and whilst you can probably make a number of jokes from the name, the idea itself is pretty cool. Compagnia-Imago is a photo lab in Italy, who have come up with a rather interesting idea. Wooden film canisters. Compagnia-Imago have come up with an […]

In your bag No: 1198 – Dank Spangle

In your bag No: 1198, Dank Spangle Dank is back! And this time without a bag. The last time Dank was here he carried a big old bag with lots of stuff. Now his outlook has changed and he has gone with this minimalist setup. Check it out. Having hoiked big cameras around for years, […]

In your bag No: 1197 – Kirill Zeltser

In your bag No: 1197, Kirill Zeltser Not often we get a bag from Russia on the site. Nice to see a young guys shooting some solid film gear though. Come and check out this great setup. Hi, Bellamy and JCH Readers! I should apologize for my English. In few words, my name is Kirill […]

Get Featured: Gianluca Bevacqua

Get Featured: Gianluca Bevacqua With a lot of the photography we see nowadays, there is a major focus on the street. So it is nice to share some work that looks at solitude and the peace of the forest. Check out this really interesting series. my name is Gianluca Bevacqua. I’m an Italian photographer, and […]

In your bag No: 1196 – Paul Koay

In your bag No: 1196, Paul Koay I like this bag, though I am unsure if the sneakers are actually kept in the bag, but who cares, because there is a bloody yo-yo in there! Check it out. My name is Paul Koay and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am big fan of your […]

In your bag No: 1195 – Chad Ivan

In your bag No: 1195, Chad Ivan Now here is a camera we don’t see enough of. The wonderfully underrated Contax Aria. Oh, and a rather dangerous looking knife. Check this one out. “Hello” from San Diego, California! I’m Chad Ivan and enjoy reading the ‘In Your Bag’ section of your site. I love seeing […]

Camera Geekery: Hacked Instax Mini

Camera Geekery: Hacked Instax Mini Recently I instagrammed an interesting camera I had seen. A heavily modified Fuji Instax, that has been designed to work with 4×5 lenses. Loads of people asked about the camera so I found out a bit more for you all. My good friend Vishal at CameraFilmPhoto always has some cool […]

In your bag No: 1194 – Rui Esteves

In your bag No: 1194, Rui Esteves Rui shares with us a really simple bag. This is what it is all about. Just enough to get out there and shoot. He has been on the site before with a different setup, which was just as pure. Come and check this lovely little setup. My name […]