Sh*t Leica fanboys say

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Shit Leica fanboys say
Eric Kim and I watched this video by Kai and the guys at DigitalRev and it gave us a good laugh, so we decided to knock up our own list. Check it out.

Ahhh, Leica fanboys. I am one of them, and loads of people I know are, there is nothing wrong with that. But we should never take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes it is good to step back and have a bit of fun. Especially about camera wankery. So here is the ‘Shit Leica Fanboys Say’ list.

1. You only hate it because you can’t afford it

2. The red dot stands for quality (tapes over the red dot)

3. (For the M9) Well, it is not about the sensor, it is about the lenses

4. You don’t buy a system, you buy a lifestyle

5. All of the greats used Leica

6. Oh, is that a Voigtlander? Yeah, they are OK I guess *sneers*

7. No, your Zeiss is not as sharp as my Summicron

8. Leica is the pinnacle of quality in cameras

9. There is no substitute for good glass

10. Oh yours was made in Solms? Mine was made in Wetzlar *smug*

11. Well, Ken Rockwell gave this one a better review

12. Yeah, there were only 200 made of this one

13. Use it? Are you insane?

14. I would never use a digital Leica

15. You only shoot a film Leica because you cannot afford a digital Leica

16. Leica still make film cameras?

17. Yeah, it’s a Leica *smug smile*

18. No, this is not a lomo

19. Feel, that, go on feel how smooth that advance is. Right?

20. Oh my god, look how bright that viewfinder is

21. Well, Canada was a low point, but I guess you have to make do

22. OMG, have you seen the bokehzzz on my Noctilux, is is soooooo creamy

23. I had to get the sandpaper out to get the brassing just right

24. I know it is a lot, but the Black and white only sensor has film like tones

25. Oh is that a Luigi? Yeah, me too, the caramel leather is to die for

26. Yeah, this is a A La Carte, I wanted it to match my Porsche

Got some more? Then why don’t you add to the list in the comments below.

30 Responses to Sh*t Leica fanboys say

Olivier November 13, 2012 at 1:00 am

18. – my favourite. <3

27. 2011 – "Camera is for taking photos, not making videos." 2012 – "OMG M10 with video mode! Imagine that videos shot with my nocti!".

Jukka Watanen November 13, 2012 at 1:24 am

“You forgot to bring the hammer, oh don`t worry , Leica can take it”

“No autofocus ? Just put it in four meters and shoot. It will be in focus”

Fredrik Matheson November 13, 2012 at 4:11 am

Great thread! A few quotes from the L-Camera Forum and the real world:

– “No one notices when you take a picture”
– “It’s completely silent”
– “It’s the ultimate camera, the best in the world”
– “Of course removing the baseplate makes total sense”
– “You want a window to see if there’s film in there? What’s wrong with you?”
– “No, the paint isn’t falling off. This is called brassing. It’s supposed to be like this.”
– “Yeah, I send all my lenses on a full CLA every year.”
– “Leica R-glass isn’t any good. M-lenses are the very best.”
– “Focus shift? No, that only happens with Voigtlander lenses.”
– “AE is total BS. Only losers use it. Can’t you read the light?”
– “Oh, you think the screen on a Canon S100 is better than the M9 screen? Why don’t you take pictures with that, then?”
– “You use the M9 screen? Chimping is for losers.”
– “The sensor in the M9 gives the most amazing colors. I don’t care what DxO says. Anywah, noise reduction is something you do on your computer.”
– “The ASPH version of that is totally sharp in the corners. Did you know it’s actually an APO lens as well?”
– “You see? *That’s* the Leica glow!”
– “You want to record movies with your Leica? Put your M-lenses on a GF1. An M is for photographs.”
– “I wish it didn’t have a screen and only let you take a limited number of pictures.”
– “Why does everyone want so many features? It’s perfect already!”
– “Sure, they have to fit all the electronics in there but I think it should be exactly the same size as an M6.”
– “I really wish I could wind the shutter manually. Then it’d be totally silent!”

FYI, I’ve had an M7, M8 and an M9. I’ve still got the M7 and am waiting for the new M. What’s the biggest real advantage to a Leica, for me? It’s the perfect ice breaker for street portraiture:
– “Excuse me, would it be okay if I took your picture? I’ll email you a copy if you want.”
– “Whoa, is that a Leica? Isn’t that like the ultimate camera?”

Example: I never could have captured that shot with my D3. They would have asked “Why are you taking our picture?”

I really appreciate the effort you’re putting into this blog, promoting film and more. Keep up the good work!

stanisław żółczyński November 13, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Red dot stands for quality?!
Q. Where`s the red dot on M3 the pinnacle of Leica engineering?
A. Nowhere in the front . M3 was so good it didn`t need one.
P.S In fact there`re two of them. Very tiny ones on rewind crank.
Beside it, if you guys care for quality ladies go to India. There`re millions of them with red dot on! May a red dot shine on you all.

Leica owner and user too ( Tri-x 1250 ISO Diafine). Recently Ricoh GXR traitor to use digitally, in between other glass, my Noct 50/1.

Jose November 13, 2012 at 8:32 pm

“My summicron is incredibly sharp even wide open.”
“Your Zeiss is too sharp so it has got that clinical look”.

    Scotto November 16, 2012 at 10:28 am

    The Zeiss comment is my favorite.

    “That [non-Leica] isn’t a true rangefinder, it’s a point-and-shoot with a few manual controls” (said while holding M9 set to auto with lens always on largest aperture.)

Sksaito November 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm

1)Take the Voigtlander off. You’re embarrassing me.
2)DAG CLAed it just this year.
3)I can’t wait to get it back from cameraleather hopefully by next year.
4)Doesn’t my M3 sound like a watch? Do you hear it?
5)Forces you to think about your shots.
6)I’ll stick with my M8. The files have that film like character.
7)Did you know that famous Che Guevera shot was with a Leica like the one I have?
8)Wanna see my posts on LFI?
9)Don’t move! The focusing has a long throw.
10)It’s stealthy.

Sksaito November 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm

11)No! Look at the Christmas lights. THAT’S the Leica glow.
12)According to Steve Gandy, mine is the sought after Version 1.
13)I’ve never had problems with SanDisk.

Dez November 15, 2012 at 1:04 am

“Autofocus? F8 and be there, mate”
“It’s all about the decisive moment”
“With this viewfinder, you can see what’s outside the frame!”
“It’s got the best focus system in the world, your eye!”
(watching a movie) “Look, it’s a Leica! Oh wait… it’s a Nikon.”
“Oh, you got the Canadian version, mine’s German” (They’re identical, you pretentious twit)
“You need to train yourself to know how far away your are from your subject, that way you can prefocus as you bring the camera to your eye. It’s much faster than autofocus”

Dez November 15, 2012 at 1:22 am

forgot a couple:
“The 75 cron is too perfect, it doesn’t vignette like the 50 lux which has more character”
“My 60’s summicron is just as sharp at f/5.6 as the current version” (what 50mm isn’t sharp at f/5.6?)
“My ver. IV 35 cron is the King of Bokeh!” (maybe you should spend more time concentrating on what you’ve focussed on, rather than what’s out of focus in your photo)

CK Dexter Haven November 16, 2012 at 3:29 am

“My 2012 Leica M with 2012 Summicron-ASPH delivers the classic ‘Leica signature.'”

Amazing how ‘the signature’ seems to change each time Leica wants to sell you something.

“The M Monochrom was designed to reflect the impeccable standards of Henri Cartier-Bresson.”

Sure. The height of 2012 digital technology has something to do with HCB’s soft Zeiss lens, sloppy focusing, and Tri-X.

ZDP-189 November 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm

“I shoot the my black paint M3 because it doesn’t draw the eye” he says, as hoards of fan boys rush over asking to photograph it for their blog or even (gasp) touch it.


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