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In your bag No: 1476 – Charlotte Bae

In your bag No: 1476, Charlotte Bae Charlotte has been on the site before. And now she is back, with a h*cking cute doggo too. Check this one out. Hi guys, My name is Charlotte Bae and I’m an image maker based in Brooklyn. Last time I submitted was about couple years ago. I am […]

Get Featured: Jessica Hobbs

4 min read
Get Featured: Jessica Hobbs

Get Featured: Jessica Hobbs I am plughing my way through the submissions. Jessica sent this one in a while back, but I didn’t have time to feature it. Fortunately I do now and she was able to add some more of the project. Check it out. My name is Jessica and I am a film […]

Jesse’s Visual Interviews – Patrick Joust

Jesse’s Visual Interviews – Patrick Joust This is rapidly becoming my favourite feature. Jesse speaks to Patrick Joust this time, who just so happens to be from the same city as Jesse. Check it out. Q1: Who are you? Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money? Q3: What do you consider the most […]

Help us keep analog photography alive

Help us keep analog photography alive Juho from Cameraventures has an ambitious goal, to save analog photography. Juho and I have been chatting for some time about how analog photography will change in the future and how it could disappear without help from us and the community, so he has decided to do something about […]

Get Featured: Ezequiel Grimaldi

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Get Featured: Ezequiel Grimaldi

Get Featured: Ezequiel Grimaldi Slowly slowly I am making through the huge backlog of submissions. This time Ezequiel takes us on a visual journey through his desire to discover strangeness. Check it out. My name is Ezequiel Grimaldi. I`m a videographer from Argentina, currently living in Udine, Italy. There are those who want to say […]

Camera Geekery: Solarcan

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Camera Geekery: Solarcan

Camera Geekery: Solarcan Now I am not usually a Kickstarter kind of guy, but I do rather like this one. Solarcan is actually already nearly funded, but a little push wouldn’t hurt for this cool product. I quite fancy one myself. Born from a love of photography, art & astronomy Solarcan is a unique camera […]

In your bag No: 1475 – Albert Ayala

In your bag No: 1475, Albert Ayala Albert is a repeat visitor to the site. But that doesn’t seem to have put him off. In fact it has brought him back to us with a brand new setup, check it out. My name is Albert Ayala from Southern California in the US. Photography is one […]

In your bag No: 1474 – Nick Quirk

In your bag No: 1474, Nick Quirk If you like compact cameras then you are going to love this one. It seems nick carries more compacts than even the most hardy of shooters. All of them classics too. Check it out. I’ve come across some great snaps from other parts of the world in the […]

Show us your film: Long time no see

Show us your film: Long time no see It has been a while, in fact it has been a year since the last feature. That is not to say the film scene has been bad, not at all. In fact I have simply been too busy. But I have had some submissions, and they are […]

In your bag: 1473 – Russell Young

In your bag No: 1473, Russell Young Today we have a bag that is not a bag. It is a rather dapper jacket. Check it out. “My bag isn’t a bag…” In contrast to most of your contributors, I’m not: urban people/street photographer twenty-something own a photo-bag worth more than the contents Au contraire, I […]