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In your bag No: 1172 – Joe Morrissey

In your bag No: 1172 – Joe Morrissey Joe shares with us not so much of a bag really. In fact I think this one is going to prove rather controversial with some of you guys. Is this really a camera bag at all? Still, it is what Joe uses to shoot, so check it […]

Jesse’s Book Review – 1959

Jesse’s book review, 1959 Ok now this one is a bit different. No it is not a book. And no you more than likely can’t find this. But there is a point. I went back to the US for a visit last summer and after leaving Baltimore stayed with my mother in Nebraska to shoot what […]

In your bag No: 1171 – Andrew James Goh

In your bag 1171, Andrew James Goh Andrew has a really cool bag to share with us, and it is even better now we can take advantage of the new larger images. Come and have a look at this well laid out bag. I have been a long time follower of your website. I really […]

The new JCH site is here!

3 min read
The new JCH site is here!

The new JCH site is here! After months and months of planning, head scratching, changing our minds and then finally realising we have to get it done, we are finally ready to share the new and improved JCH site with you all.

In your bag No: 1170 – Efraín Bojórquez García

In your bag 1170, Efraín Bojórquez García The first bag of the new look JCH site and it is a cracker. Some classic Japanese cameras and a whole bunch of film, just how we like to get things going. Check it out. Hi, I’ve been reading your site for a while and am in love […]

Get Featured: Fabien Lefevre

2 min read

Get Featured: Fabien Lefevre Fabien shares with us his work and his thoughts on the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and the protests that followed in its wake.